The transport specialist for nearly a century

Koster Eurotransport has been a highly capable partner for transport for almost a hundred years now. With 20 trucks and 27 staff, we ensure daily that our clients’ freight is delivered to its destination safe and well. We are a family business in heart and soul and we’re proud of that. We would like to take you back and show you a piece of our history...


A little piece of history...

Our company started up way back in 1927. Rintje Koster started his business in petroleum trading in the town of Tjerkwerd in Friesland. Changing economic times meant that less and less fuel was being transported and so the company switched to livestock transport. In 1954, the company moved to Delfstrahuizen, where it also focused on barge services. The second generation of the Koster family made their appearance in that same period. The brothers Benny and Gerrit took over the helm from Rintje.

Specializing in unusual transport

Currently, the third Koster generation has been at the helm for over thirty years and there is even a fourth generation already working at the company. A lot of positive changes were made over the years. We specialized in exceptional transport, for example, and we moved to larger premises in Wolvega and changed our name to Koster Eurotransport. Some useful advances have also been made in the automation. Nowadays we work with what is known as a ‘driver performance system’ that we use for checking, measuring and adjusting the trips. The system provides greater safety for our drivers and gives valuable data for environmental improvement. It’s just one way that we are constantly trying to take our company up to a higher level.


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Koster Eurotransport

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Our mission

Koster Eurotransport is a future-oriented, flexible business with motivated and qualified personnel. 

We’re all about a stable base plus optimum returns, focusing on you as the client.

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